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Prescription drugs of branded companies are known to burn a hole in your pocket in the United States. Due to the high price rate, Americans prefer buying drugs from Canadian pharmacies. Before doing that many factors are to be kept in mind, like legal and safety measures. Otherwise, the temptation to buy drugs without checking the authentication of online Canadian pharmacies can lead you to major health hazards. Hence, think about the following questions before buying drugs online from any pharmacy. (Cheap prescription drugs)

How buying prescription drugs online from Canadian pharmacies can save you money?

Covered under the universal healthcare program, drug prices in Canada are cheaper as they are in the universal healthcare program. (Cheap prescription drugs)

The government plays a major role. It works for its citizens to keep a check on the prices of drugs. So, if a manufacturer tries to increase the price of prescribed medicine, the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) immediately disapproves of the sale of that drug in Canada, until the price comes down.

The board keeps a drug price check by comparing the prices with other countries. The government directly deals with the negotiation of drug prices in Canada with manufacturers. The manufacturers don’t have much control over drug prices they either will agree on government prices or will lose the entire Canadian market. So this is the reason, Prescription drug prices in Canada is cheaper than the U.S.

Is buying prescription drugs from the Canadian drugstore online always cheap?

No, choosing to purchase drugs from the Canadian drugstore online is not cheap always. Well, don’t get surprised! The shipping cost for the delivery of online ordered medicines can land you into paying unexpectedly high prices including the shipping cost. But at Offshore cheap meds, you get two low-cost shipping methods, first is $12 and another is $20 (Expedited Shipping Service). You can also read frequently asked questions related to your query. (Cheap prescription drugs)

Is it legal to purchase drugs from a Canadian pharmacy online?

Ideally, it is illegal to buy or import drugs from other countries in the United States. Only manufacturers are allowed and permitted to do so. But with the help of FDA you can import certain medicines from other countries on the following grounds mentioned below:

  • Your medicine is for a serious health condition of which the treatment is not available in your country.
  • You are not buying the medicine to promote or sell it to other individuals in your country.
  • The drug you are going to order should not include any kind of risks.
  • You are sure to write that the particular drug is for your own use.
  • The quantity to order should be for 90 days only that too with the details of your licensed doctor’s name and address, who is treating you in the United States.

How to check on the drug safety measures while ordering online?

Choosing the right pharmacy to buy medicine online is important. The first to your safety should be to check the license of that drugstore. The pharmacy should be accredited under Pharmacychecker or CIPA. It is advised to stay away from the vendors selling drugs on the streets as drug safety cannot be guaranteed. Always keep your doctor’s prescription while going to buy any drug for your own safety, rather taking an extra copy is suggested.

What are the hazards associated with buying from foreign pharmacies?

  • As the FDA rules are not applicable to foreign pharmacies hence keeping a check on quality is a concern.
  • On the other hand, some ingredients that are legal in one country may not be in the other.
  • The label may not include sufficient information required or maybe in terms not familiar.
  • he drug may not include complete information that is required in terms of its side effects.

In general buying drugs online can be a safe affair only if the above-mentioned points are kept in check. Abiding by the rules and regulations of FDA and meeting the U.S. customs parameters can help you stay safe against the fraud that can occur while purchasing from online pharmacies. On the other hand, the best option to save your cost is by asking your doctor to recommend a substitute or generic drug. In the end, it won’t be wrong to say to always keep a check on the authenticity of the pharmacist from where the drug is been bought.

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