Cancer Drugs

Cancer is a very critical ailment as we all know and it is very essential for all of us to understand how positively we can think of overcoming the situation and do every bit to have a proper cure.

As per the latest study was done on cancer patients, it has been observed that one-third of the patients tend to use alternative medicines and therapies like meditation, acupuncture, yoga, herbal cancer drugs, and supplements as a cancer cure rather than solely going for the prescribed treatment by their relevant doctors.

Research by the American Medical Association

The findings published in JAMA Oncology (a peer-reviewed monthly medical journal distributed by the American Medical Association) states that herbal supplements were the most common cancer alternative medicine that is being used by the patients and osteopathic or chiropractic, is the second most common substitute.

The research also states that 29 percent of the people, who uses any such alternative medicine, do not mention the same to their doctors. This can result adversely at times as the patient is consuming two different drugs at the same time without proper consultation from a particular doctor.

Dos and Don’ts

It is advisable to always make clear communication on your intakes, supplements, and any alternate medication you are consuming during your treatment.

Another fact is that at times, the cancer alternative medication(s) are priced at a higher cost in case you are buying it from a random shop, rather go for trusted and licensed online pharmacy wherein you can even manage to get discounts on orders placed.

Women and younger patients are more likely to take alternate supplements due to several reasons.  Though, keep in mind that some of these supplements are kind of a mixture of different components.

Unless you have completely cross-checked the same with your doctor, it is advisable for patients to keep a check on using them for the duration of radiation therapy as a few supplements, might interfere or affect adversely on your body during the treatment, especially antioxidants. 

You can though, buy prescribed supplements or cancer drugs from a trusted online pharmacy to rest assured and avoid any hassles.

Summing up;

a)  Consult your doctor (or keep them informed) before consuming any additional cancer drug or alternate supplement

b)  Secondly, check and compare the cost of the medicine

Additional info:

Along with having prescribed medication, patients who are suffering from this chronic disease must undergo certain regular exercises, a healthy diet as well as do every bit to follow a stress-free lifestyle. Therapies, massages (for better blood flow), self-indulgence, and travel, similar recreational activities actually help the patient to go through the tough phase of radiation therapy.

Thereby, do not hesitate to discuss your plans with your doctor, ask if you may avoid anything that can adversely affect your body and mind and just try figuring out ways to be happy, stress-free rather.

This is also a truth that at times in taking an additional health supplement while getting treated for cancer actually helps the patient to recover faster alongside, your routine exercises, yoga, and therapies. Though, as we all know precaution is better than cure!

Cancer Drugs

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