Androgel (Transdermal Testosterone)


Androgel For Sale

Androgel is the first testosterone gel approved by the FDA for hormone replacement therapy in men suffering from conditions involving low testosterone. Low testosterone, also known as hypogonadism, affects approximately four to five million American men. The condition is linked with diminished interest in sex, impotence, reduced muscle mass, decreased bone density and depressed mood and energy levels.


Androgel For Sale

Androgel’s unique transdermal delivery system offers many benefits. Those traumatized by needles will surely enjoy rubbing in testosterone to the skin, as opposed to injecting it intramuscularly. Although the therapeutic dose may fall short of being anabolic enough for bodybuilders and athletes.

Testosterone is the chemical name of the active ingredient in AndroGel and Androderm. Androgel is a registered trademark of Unimed Pharmaceuticals. Androderm is a registered trademark of Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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